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     Welcome to my Buffy the Vampire Slayer site, dedicated to the hilarious movie, and the absolutely amazing tv show, which far exceeds any of my expectations when I first started to watch it, and reluctantly, I might add. My actual reason to start watching was one, to see Joss Wheadon's interpretations of the movie, and two, to see who this Angel guy all my friends were sighing over.
     When I first say the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I thought "This is great! A girl hero, chasing around after vampires, stabbing them in the chest, and saving the world. Not only that, but she had what she called "a keen fashion sense", a skill that comes in quite handy when she shows one nasty vampire that burning crosses and hairspray just don;t mix, to say the least.
     Of course, the humor is not the only aspect to the movie that I enjoyed. I found the character of Merric, Buffy's "watcher" in the original movie, quite interesting. He traines Buffy, and explains to her the power of menstrual cramps as a way of detecting vampires. As he said "It is a natural reaction to their unnaturalness", to which Buffy replies "My secret weapon is PMS". A fascinating concept, which Joss decided to leave out of his series. I suppose that would put a damper on the Buffy/Angel relationship.

     However, one major thing that Joss did NOT change, is the remarkable sarcasm in each girl's personality. Both are quick witted, use teenager slang that even I don't use (I am 18, btw), and have really cool clothes, a trait that prbabl;y doesn't help slay vampires (unless it involves hairspray and/or an Angel-baby tee combination), but certainly does attract the eye.
     Ah. now for the delightful series ont he WB. Joss has done a wonderful job bringing the world of the Slayer to life. Buffy is a strong female rolemodel, intelligent and sexy. Giles brings the wisdom of the Watcher, Xander, Willow and Cordelia bring the support and energy of good friends and comedy relief, and Spike, Dru, and Angel bring evil and moral; conflict.
     I love fantasy novels. I think that authors of fantasy have the most remarkable imaginations, and they bring vivid images, plots and emotions to their stories that I don't get when I read regular fiction. BtVS is great because the plots are original and not boring and tired liek watching some teen-age drama like Beverly Hills 90210 or Saved by the Bell. Each episode is an adventure, and the magic and mythology presented with each episode is facinating, based in fact or not.

You Must choose where you want to go. Of course, there won't be many options for a while, because it takes TIME, so watch out for falling stakes, I'm under a lot of construction here.

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