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The Faces of Forever Knight

Nicholas Knight
As a cop, Nick hopes to repay society for his wrongs. He works the night shift with Officer Schanke, and spends his days in his apartment.

Played by Geraint Wyn Davies
Natalie Lambert
Nat is the woman that Nick has found a close friend in. Nat wants to help Nick with all her heart, and she studies Nick in order to come up with new treatments for his "illness".

played by Catherine Disher
Lucien La Croix.
Sire of Nicholas. La Croix has been around since the fall of Pompei. He is one of the oldest vampires still alive, and he wants Nicholas to give up his quest for mortality and accept "who he is">

Played by Nigel Bennett
Janette DuCharme
The beautiful but dangerous Lady of the Night. Owner of the Raven, and local night club,Janette often aids Knight by giving him information of some club-goers.

Played by Deborah Duchene
Don Schanke
Schanke is the family man-cop who works with Nick on the night shift. As Nick's partner, we learn about that Schanke is not just the Smart Guy he acts like, but is also a husband who loves his wife, Moira. He's a good guy, and a good cop.

Played by John Kapelos