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Why Foerever Knight and Vampires in General Attract my Interest


The entire concept of Vampires is sensual. Not sexual. The way a vampire hunts is often by seduction. The vampire is probably relatively good looking, and has a way with words. He or she knows how to command the attention of another person. By using their sensual art, a vampire puts themself in a position to feed on a mortal without the mortal having any idea what is about to happen. Kissing the neck is an act of passion, and the neck is also the home of a major artery. The two combined explain why vampires often feed from the neck. The tender attributes of the spot, and the blood source.

The Blood

One of the fascinating concepts I picked up from the show Forever Knight was an explanation of why blood becomes not only a necessity, but a delicacy. ccording to the show, the blood of each individual mortal is different, not just chemically, but "spiritually". "Life's Blood" is just that. The life of every creature is in it's blood. When a vampire drinks blood, it is also dringing in the life of another creature. He or she can take on the very skills of that person. This also explains why every time Nick falls in love or "lust" with a woman, he must refrain from "taking her".

Sunlight, Wooden Stakes, Fire, and Crosses

Weapons to destroy vampires. The first three weapons I can understand, to a pint, but as to the cross, this was obviously invented by the Christia religion, and I have discovered a way that vampires and avoid the negative effects of the Cross.

Sunlet is apparantely the most potent weapon when dealing with vampires. As the creators of Forever Night have expressed it, a vampire will avoid the sun at all costs, or else they will spontaneously cumbust. Terrible fate. Interestingly enough, I was watching a different show, on which they discovered that creatures who perished in sunlight did so because of the frequency of the sunlight. Does this mean that vampires are also vulnerable to a light with the same frequency as sunlught? Or doe sthe sun have a magical vampire-slaying element to it.

Wooden stakes and fire. They would kill me, as well, so they must have something to do with mortality. They attack physically, and signify that vampires are alive and mortal, only quite differently from the rest of us.

Ah the Cross, that lovely icon of the Christian religion. The tru power of the cross to kill vampires is the faith behind the cross and the understanding of that faith. Vampires are "unholy" creatures, and God's power destroys them. However, what if the vampire though the cross was just an oddly shaped "X"? Would they be destroyed, or would they require the knowledge that it is indeed a cross? Could vampires therefore avoid destruction by the cross if they looked upon it as two crossed lines?